"Educate everyone—from conception on—to live in freedom, to live in Truth, to Commune with Me and to adapt rightly, stage by stage, to every function of their conditional existence and to the Ultimate, or Unconditional, Condition That I Am and That I Reveal."

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
from Love, Wisdom and Happiness in the First Three Stages of Life

Courses and Activities

In His Lifetime, Avatar Adi Da has given a tremendous wealth of instruction on serving the spiritual development of children and young people, and the Vision of Mulund Institute has condensed much of this into educational resources.

Parents, caregivers, and practice guides find these educational materials practical and life-changing. They receive insights into their own limits on love, learn how to remember to be Happy in the midst of daily life, and gain exciting practical resources to share with the babies, children, teenagers, and young adults in their care.

Designed by educational professionals who have been devotees of Avatar Adi Da for many years, the courses for children and young adults are age appropriate, direct, and real.

Conscious Childrearing courses are designed for adults and look at the process of human and Spiritual growth from conception to adulthood. Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom on how to serve the being’s full adaptation at each stage of development is presented clearly and practically.

The Bright Man of Happiness is for 5 to 10 year olds and is an interesting introduction to Avatar Adi Da’s Life and Teaching, with fun activities, new words to learn, and age-appropriate Spiritual Wisdom to consider.

The Divine Life of Adi Da course is for 10 to 14 year olds and reviews the Life of Avatar Adi Da while introducing the key elements of His Teaching.

The Wisdom and Practices of Adidam course presents Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching to teenagers and young adults and introduces the practices He has Given to support an ego-transcending life in relationship to Him.

Fun and non-competitive God Games increase the growing child’s awareness of Spiritual principles like “we are more than what we look like”, and develop their physical and psychic abilities.

Guided Meditations have been developed to cater to a range of age groups.

VMI offers a number of Online Courses throughout the year; these include valuable group classes and discussions as well as a full curriculum for private study.

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