"Children should enjoy a feeling, breathing relationship with the Mystery, the Divine Reality, and Truth. They must learn to recognize the Happiness that is felt in relationship to the Mystery."

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


The Vision of Mulund Institute coordinates numerous supportive events for children and young adults and their parents, practice guides, and caregivers.

Yearly, monthly, and weekly retreats on various topics allow young people to focus together on specific aspects of their devotional relationship with Adi Da Samraj; caregivers also learn more about their own devotional practice in the process.

As our experience has made abundantly clear, you can’t help a child to commune with the Divine if you are not doing it yourself! Parent meetings offer various kinds of support to parents and guardians.

VMI and the Adidam Youth Fellowship are active all around the world. Find out about the special events near you.

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