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"There is the sacred domain of life, and there is the secular (or public, or outer) domain of life. Human beings need to be centered in the sacred domain—the place of human intimacy, of true culture, of intimate cooperative community, the sphere of the primary culture of the arts and the intimate exercise of life."

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Avatar Adi Da has always spoken about the necessity for human life and culture to be based in the sacred, and the important role the arts play in this.

From the time when Avatar Adi Da first began to Teach, He has used art forms to draw people beyond the egoic point of view into contemplation of the Divine. Over time, He began to call on His devotees to develop sacred arts as part of a collective life of Divine contemplation. All the art forms are an integral part of the evolving culture of Adidam.

Young devotees of Adi Da Samraj are exposed to a full range of visual, written, musical, and performing arts from an early age. Children are encouraged to freely express themselves in all the mediums and parents and guides look out for areas of special passion and ability. By the time they are teenagers, each young devotee has a primary sacred art that they practice with seriousness. They study examples of sacred expression in other cultural traditions and perform or exhibit in sacred settings.

Alongside the adult members of Adidam, children and young adults are involved in an ongoing personal and collective consideration of the nature of the truly sacred in art and life, intimately guided by Avatar Adi Da's Teaching and the example of His own Art. This gallery is intended to be a virtual meeting place for children and young adults around the world to share their work with one another.

We will present a changing exhibit of featured artists, alongside regular news and displays of the visual and performing arts, music and writings by members of the Adidam Youth Fellowship.

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