"Each child must be free and ecstatic at the simple native level of his or her own existence. Children must be awakened to feel that they are associated with an Infinite Power, or Mystery, that sustains them, that gave them birth, that is their Destiny, and that is the Power that moves their entire future if they will associate with It rightly."

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
from The Scale of the Very Small


Are you looking for Spiritual Wisdom that is grounded and simple enough for children to relate to and practical enough to apply in everyday life?

Are you looking for something that is ego-transcending and real for children; something that will grow them and connect them to the Divine Mystery that lives and breathes them?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj offers this to you. For over 30 years, He has Taught adults and children how to remember to be happy—not conditionally fulfilled or merely self-improved, but surrendered to what He calls the “native Happiness of existence”.

The Vision of Mulund Institute (VMI) disseminates Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching for children and young people, and the Adidam Youth Fellowship is a culture of peers for Avatar Adi Da’s youngest devotees.

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