about adi_da

"I have always been remembering and feeling and breathing and loving and Being the Mystery. And I was born so that I could be everyone’s Friend—by Showing them the Mystery, and Teaching them about the Mystery, and Helping them to remember and feel and breathe and love and Be the Mystery."

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
from What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy

Adi Da Samraj and Adidam

Avatar Adi Da Samraj was born Conscious as Perfect Love, Bliss, and Happiness—a state He calls “the 'Bright'”. He is here to make it possible for everyone, regardless of age, to realize that Perfect State.

Avatar Adi Da does not ask you to merely believe this about Him. He simply invites you to come to know Him—by freely considering His words, and fully feeling their impact on your life and on your heart.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj invites you to participate in the devotional and Spiritual relationship to Him by becoming His formal devotee. Adidam is an entire way of life, established by Avatar Adi Da and founded in heart-recognition of Him as one’s Divine Heart-Master.

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