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"Always, to establish the religious life, you must step aside, step out, go on retreat—in effect, organize your life on the basis of Truth, the right principle, the Great Process. Do it for real and then reintegrate yourself with your ordinariness, but not as an ordinary man or woman."

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
from Use My Word


It benefits us all to take a retreat from the pattern of our daily lives on a regular basis. The Vision of Mulund Institute runs retreats for children and young adults in various locations each year. Retreats may focus on specific topics, like sacred arts or meditation; all include puja (sacred worship), guided meditation, study of Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom-Teaching (and, most often, works from the Great Tradition of religious and Spiritual wisdom as well), devotional practice groups, conscious exercise, bodily service, and plenty of real, supportive, and challenging company.

Upcoming retreats
Please contact: Debra Helleren for more information.

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